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Why Capturing Detail Shots For Your Wedding is Important!

When you think about your wedding photos, most brides immediately think about their portraits and candids! However, those detail photos are an important part of your wedding day story! I like to compare the details to the “accessories” worn with a well thought out outfit. The cohesive pieces you put on should be complementary and complete the look.


The same is true with delivering those beautifully captured and composed detail shots! I take great consideration into how I photograph those details, and I envision them complimenting the wedding day images. You spent countless hours deciding on everything from the overall design of your wedding, to the wardrobe, paper suite, florals, rings, and so on. It’s my job to capture those for you and for the designer/vendor you so thoughtfully chose to work with!


When discussing a timeline with your planner, I always have the conversation about making sure enough time is carved out for us to artfully capture all the details. The planner will provide me with a list of all the vignettes as well that need to be photographed. These could include: Seating area, Escort Display, Cake, Bar, Welcome Signs, Altar, Menu’s, the head table with candles lit, the table florals, and so on!


Personal details could include, Rings, Invitation Suite, Shoes, Bouquet, Heirloom jewelry, and so on. The environment and venue are also REALLY important to document and include in your wedding day journal. I also have the planner ask the florist to set aside some loose florals that I can incorporate into the the “flat lays’ to tie everything together! It’s important to me that nature is incorporated into my fine art detail photo’s.


Lastly, these images make for the perfect “pause” for your eyes when looking through your printed album! We want to create an heirloom album that tells the story of your marriage celebration, and those detail photos will be the perfect “accessory”. 🙂


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