The Amanda K experience is one of exceptional juxtaposition. Amanda carries herself with incredible grace, esteemed poise and outright professionalism, while simultaneously espousing the familiarity and comfortability of being a close friend and confidant. Emotion just emanates through her photos. 

Amanda is a dream to work with both in planning and on the wedding day itself. She is never intrusive, but always a team player who provides flexibility and an unmatched creative eye. I've never had a client less than thrilled with their wedding images and their experience with Amanda.

She has a way of establishing trust with her clients from the start and nurturing that relationship beautifully, so come the wedding day even those not normally comfortable in front of the camera feel ready and excited to be photographed. She's never let me or my clients down!

Amanda is the definition of a fine art photographer. Her images are stunning, but beyond that, she is the most wonderful person to work with. With a heart of gold, a knack for making her couples feel at ease, and top-notch communication, she makes my job as a planner easy. 

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best of 2023

The celebration of marriage is one of the biggest events life has to offer. It's my incredible honor to not only exquisitely document the day, but steward your creative vision with a calming energy—allowing you to enjoy the celebration free of worry. Our collections are custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of your event. I am so grateful you are considering me to be part of your wedding day team,

multi-day coverage

Your love stretches beyond just your wedding day. Special events, full weekend celebrations, and additional portrait sessions are amazing additions to capture the entirety of your love story.

destination / travel

Photographing spectacular love stories around the world has been our heart and soul for nearly two decades. To explore new locations and experience different cultures is truly an honor and privilege.

fine art albums

Art like this belongs off your device and into your life. Adorn your home with your your favorite images and create beautiful albums for yourself and beloved family members to reminisce.




let's connect

The moments we can capture are truly endless. These are a few of our trademark offerings.

Film Photography

a truly timeless art

why film?

Timeless photographs require a timeless medium. While digital photography still serves a beautiful purpose on event day, nothing compares to mastering the art of the analog. Highly sought-after for its unique aesthetic, film photography is a luxury all its own and the center of our signature style. Film captures light in a way no other medium can. It's kind to our subjects’ skin, making it buttery soft and yielding very little need for retouching. Best of all, it's a process that requires supreme attentiveness to the composition, the background, the angle, the light, and ultimately: the moment. Client experience is my number one priority, and being present in the moment affords more time interacting and connecting with my clients. This intentional and measured artistic process results in more honest and naturally beautiful work. And that's what matters most.

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initial introductions

It can be overwhelming choosing your wedding day dream team, but ultimately, it's about connection. I'd love to know more about your love story and the details of your celebration.


hearing your desires

To capture your meticulously planned celebration and honor your love story authentically, we need to know every wedding day desire. What moments, loved ones, and/or details we should focus our coverage on? We want your images to be a reflection of everything your heart desires.


connect with planner

Being a trusted member of your wedding planning team is our goal. We prefer a hands-on approach with our couples and will touch base at pivotal moments in your planning journey. We also encourage you to reach out too.



Articulate communication is key to setting us up for artistic success on an event day. Our team works seamlessly and collaboratively with wedding planners and vendors to thoughtfully prep, plan, and create timelines that are representative to your unique needs.


the celebration

By unobtrusively documenting your celebration and calmly stewarding your creative vision—you'll be free of worry and fully present to enjoy one of the most magical moments of your life.

I believe the best photographs are rooted in connection, which is why I adore communicating with my couples and their vendors directly. When everyone works seamlessly together—that's where the magic begins.