AN ARCHIVE OF love stories

Being invited into the the lives of extraordinary people is an incredible privilege. The stories I adorn through my imagery capture the true essence of the human spirit and the art of being in love.

Molly + Chris | Pacific Northwest Film Engagement Session


A Pacific Northwest Film Engagement Session

Chris and Molly…these two were SO much fun to work with.  Their love is like something out of a romance novel…and you just can’t help but giggle and smile along with them.

I am so excited for their Camas, Washington wedding this September!

Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9154_07Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9158_06Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_14Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9154_11Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_03Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9154_05Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_09Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9154_13Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_06Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_05Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_10Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_12Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9154_14Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9156_13Pacific-northwest-engagement-photos-by-amanda-k-photography-9158_09Here’s a little glimpse into their love story:

Chris and I actually met 4 years ago! He was a co worker of my sisters and her and their friend were always trying to set us up. We ran into each other maybe once a year until last March when he asked me out and from that very first date I knew he was the one. 🙂 He is the funniest, sweetest, most caring and most vibrant man I have ever met! We have the same sense of humor and are two perfect puzzle pieces. We actually just got engaged on Valentine’s Day while in Central Oregon with my family.  We are VERY excited to get married!

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