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Multicultural Wedding in the Hills of Napa | Victoria + Timi

This was such a special wedding that I am so excited to showcase for you all today. It was a pleasure working with Victoria and Timi for their Multicultural wedding in Napa Valley.
A bit more about their special day from the planner:
When I first began working with Victoria & Timi back in February of 2019, I knew finding the perfect venue for them was going to be my biggest challenge.  I had a list of requirements and requests that I wasn’t sure I would be able to find in a wedding venue.   Victoria had sent me a list of venues to visit while she and her Mom were in town and we saw several.  I just had a feeling that none of them were going to be the right fit for her.  I mentioned the idea of a private estate that I had access to thanks to a colleague and friend, and she was intrigued.  I think when we took our first steps into the Villa and she and her Mom looked up at the ceiling in the great room, then out at the view of the Stags Leap Palisades, that’s when we all knew that was the venue.  Of course we had to convince Timi a few weeks later when he came out to visit, but it didn’t take much convincing.    
One of my favorite touches that Victoria and Kelly with Paper by the Bay came up with was the use of the local vineyard appellations as the table names.  Each table was named after a different appellation in the area, for example “Stags Leap” or “Coombsville” and gave a brief description of what made that area unique.  Such as the terroir, micro climates, etc.  As a lifelong resident of Napa, I found some of these super interesting and I live here! Each guest was gifted with olive oil from the region, and they had a fresh mozzarella server on-site during the cocktail hour.     
Victoria has exquisite and exceptional taste.  Designing this wedding with her was a dream for both myself and her floral designer, Jessica.  The wedding was somehow both contemporary and classic, romantic and whimsical all at the same time.  She put so much thought into every little detail and it showed in the execution of her vision that day.  Timi and Victoria gave their guests the quintessential Napa Valley weekend.  Amazing food, wine, ambience and the most gorgeous vineyard views.     

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