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Lily Ros Branding Shoot

What is a branding session?
Branding sessions are to introduce a product or service to an audience of potential clients. The images your potential clients see are the first impression they have of you and how you can serve them. We want the images to highlight not only the person behind the brand but how the product or service can help solve a problem. We did just that in the Lily Ros Branding Shoot.

First and foremost, when a client reaches out to me about photographing their brand, I immediately like to put a team together. When you bring together a team of creatives, it gives us the opportunity to incorporate a few collaborative ideas and concepts to present to the client. A lot of times, the client isn’t really sure what
they want, and it’s our job to help give a little guidance and to bring out their voice.

When it came time to get things in place for this shoot, I always like to gather some preliminary information first. For example, Lily resides in LA; therefore, we had to do all of our communication through email and DM’s. I also spend some time perusing their current website as well as their current Bio copy prior to our meeting.

After learning more information about Lily, and why she started her business, I immediately knew that Julia, of Shop Kindred and Sweet Magnolia Handmade would be the perfect fit for Lily’s brand. I knew I wanted to bring Julia’s aesthetic and keen eye for the natural and organic and blend the two. Julia chose the location, hired our “real models”, and provided the wardrobe for our shoot.

As far as my approach to the imagery, I wanted the images to FEEL honest, organic, clean and healthy. I wanted the product to be the focus, as well as keeping the women’s faces in the frame to allow the viewer to imagine themselves there. Lily’s heart and mission behind her product are very personal to her, and this shoot was 100% shaped and designed around that.


If you want to learn more about this shoot and Lily Ros products make sure to check out the full feature at Belle Lumiere Magazine

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